Truckload [TL]

Dry Van

The most common and versatile type of transportation in the United States, dry van trailers have the capability to handle shipments that are less than 45,000 lbs. With versatility in most commodity arenas our customers have, dry van facilitation is the foremost transportation vessel in our industry. No matter if our customers need to ship anything from textile products to building products, and everything in between, we will find the best option for your shipment.

Temperature Controlled

Whether our customers need to keep their products cool in the hot summers or controlled in the cold winters, CTS will offer competitive rates and reliability to meet our customer�s reefer requirements.


Flatbed Trucking is ideal for shipping/receiving points that may not have an available dock at their disposal and may not be easily transported in a dry van. We know flatbed facilitation is a versatile option for many shippers and will be happy to accommodate any needs you may have.


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