About us

Canale Transportation Solutions (CTS) is a third-party logistics company…

…located in Greenville, SC., founded by Phil Canale and his son, Philip. Together, we are determined to provide our customers with the most reliable and innovative solutions to transporting their goods efficiently while allowing them to maintain a competitive edge.

CTS will take every step necessary to ensure that our customers’ needs are met and exceeded. To facilitate this, we will utilize the best technology available today for freight brokers, be selective with our carrier base, and offer up to the minute tracking reports for each load tendered to us. CTS will also keep our customers apprised of industry trends, regulations, or challenges that may be specific to them and their needs.

CTS is acutely aware that meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs is the key to our success and we will not compromise our customer care, our integrity, or our availability. We will communicate regularly and do everything we can to make CTS a seamless extension of your logistics department. With CTS as your transportation provider you can count on our professionalism, courteous care, and honest responses to your needs.

When you tender a load to CTS you can rest easy, and ROLL ON. We look forward to doing business with you and appreciate the opportunity to be the solution to your transportation needs.


Who We Are

Phil Canale

Phil Canale



Philip Canale

Philip Canale

Vice President


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